About Us

Pauline Walker

Founder and director, Pauline Walker, has determined through personal decision-making and action to work her way back, one choice at a time, to the simplicity of her childhood.

Born and raised on a farm in southern Western Australia, she has an abiding and profound love of the sights, sounds and scents of the Australian landscape. Her ten years of travel through and working with fellow Australians in remote locations have united her worship of the land with joy in people, learning and sustainable enterprise.

Moving to Victoria with partner and fellow director, Lou Bacher, she sought the means of simplifying her life, and lessening her impact on the environment.

One of her discoveries is the remarkable effectiveness of microfibre products as cleaning agents. As Australians become more conscious of, and concerned about sustainability she realized she had a story to share. And as successful entrepreneur, she also saw a commercial opportunity.

Having run businesses around Australia, Celebrate Cleaning, is her latest milestone. It marks her continuing journey towards personal change and sharing knowledge for a healthier planet, for ourselves and all who follow us.

These principles are underlined in her Feeling to Footprint philosophy which teaches Australians and the world the depth of interconnection between our choices, our feelings and the fate of Earth.


Lou Bacher

With more than 25 years in CEO or general management positions around the world, Lou has had time and experience to see most sides of both the business and the human spectrum.
His senior roles covered private health care, security personnel, transport and retail with companies in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Australia.
As a management consultant in his own business, and now Managing Director ofCelebrate Cleaning, he brings an informed and experience commercial discipline to the business on the one hand.

On the other, his long experience in human relations and management have given him an insight into the power of possibilities when people are united in and by a cause.
Lou is the partner of Celebrate Cleaning Founder, Pauline Walker. He has done much to cement the business’s structure, presentation and offer while nurturing and guiding the passion that so clearly drives it.