We have a range of services beginning with our WOW! Kick-start package and extending through to our ultimate Extreme Clean option.

In fact, every cleaning session is personalised to your needs, timing and budget.
You can choose from our comprehensive 33 point cleaning system. We use it as the blueprint for us to understand your needs, and for you to appraise us.

Your initial appraisal takes in the dimensions and condition of your home and your specific needs. These can vary widely and are covered by our flexible packages.


Extreme Clean

Extreme Clean is our heavy duty package. It attends to every surface and appliance in or around the house, including windows.


Wow! Kick Start!

WOW! Kick-start brings your home back to the sparkling state of cleanliness you love, and sets you up for maintenance cleaning to ensure it stays that way.


Maintenance Magic

Once we’ve established a solid base of cleanliness for your home, we structure Maintenance Magic programs. These vary according to your needs. Each is accurately costed and can be adjusted at any time.


Custom Cleans

This is our special occasion service and covers events such as:

  • parties (before and after)
  • rental inspections and pre- and post-tenant cleans
  • pre-sale inspections

Our measure of success is your delight. Our staff are trained to go the extra mile. For example, under our Feeling to Footprint philosophy, we have a spider relocation program which removes spiders without harming them.